D-Day in Senior Relegation   01/11/2012

It all boils down to 60 minutes of hurling as the future of 3 club's senior status is at stake this coming Sunday morning, and one disappointed side will be relegated to the ranks of intermediate.

Carnmore, Clarinbridge and Liam Mellows have it all in their own hands to avoid the drop, as each knows that a win will secure their safety and Senior status for 2013.

As with all relegation battles, there is pride and history involved, as each of these sides have long association with the top flight. Carnmore have 24 years of consecutive seasons in the senior grade (came up in 1988), Clarinbridge have 18 consecutive years (1995) while Liam Mellows are up for 9 consecutive seasons (2003). On top of that, each club have a strong senior tradition before their current sequence, so there is much to lose.

The games this weekend see Carnmore face Ardrahan, while Liam Mellows play Clarinbridge.
Carnmore can take nothing for granted against the already safe Ardrahan, as no more like Kiltormer, this Ardrahan side always go out to win a match and the club always play with pride in their blue jersey. In fact one could argue that Carnmore have a slight dis-advantage as they play an Ardrahan side who have recently defeated Clarinbridge, and will be able to play more freely since they have secured safety. One of the hindrances in games like these on Sunday is the pressure, and Ardrahan wont have any. 
The other tie between the 2010 All-Ireland Club champions Clarinbridge and city side Liam Mellows is another cracking prospect, where a win for either side will secure safety while a draw or defeat leaves it not so clear. No team is ever too good to be relegated and that is one thing that both sides will be well aware of.

But what happens is a summary of possible outcomes...

If they win....are safe
If they draw....are only safe if Clarinbridge beat Liam Mellows
If they lose....our relegated

If they win...are safe
If the draw....are safe
If they lose....are only safe if Carnmore not beat Ardrahan

Liam Mellows
If they win...are safe
If they draw...are only safe if Carnmore dont beat Ardrahan
If they lose...are only safe if Carnmore lose to Ardrahan

Round 5 Matches to be fixed
Sunday 4th November at venues to be confirmed
Clarinbridge v Liam Mellows
Ardrahan v Carnmore


Kiltormer 4 2 1 1 58 52 6 5
Ardrahan  3 2 1 0 56 47 9 4
Clarinbridge  3 1 1 1 47 46 1 3
Carnmore 3 1 2 0 44 48 -4 2
Liam Mellows 3 1 2 0 43 55 -12 2

Results so far:
Round 4:
Carnmore 0-14 beat Kiltormer 1-10
Ardrahan 1-13 beat Clarinbridge 0-14
Round 3:
Clarinbridge 0-17 beat Carnmore 1-11
Kiltormer 0-13 beat Liam Mellows 0-8
Round 2:
Clarinbridge 0-16 drew Kiltormer 2-10
Ardrahan 2-20 beat Liam Mellows 1-14
Round 1:
Liam Mellows 0-18 beat Carnmore 0-16
Kiltormer 2-10 beat Ardrahan 0-14 

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