Sat 29th Sept - Connolly/Cunniffe Connacht U14 Blitz   26/09/2012

Connolly / Cunniffe Connacht U14 Hurling Blitz

Date: Sat Sept 29th  .
Venue: Pearses, Roscommon.
Co-Ord: Damien Coleman (Connacht Hurling Director) and Willie Hegarty (Games Manager, Roscommon)


4 Teams:  Galway, Sligo 1, Mayo 1, Roscommon 1

Cordinator: Damien Coleman

Pitch 1
10:00am......Galway v Roscommon 1
10.45am......Mayo 1 v Sligo 1
11.30am......Galway v Mayo 1
12.45pm......Sligo 1 v Roscommon 1
1.30pm......Galway v Sligo 1 
2.15pm......Roscommon 1 v Mayo 1


5 Teams: Galway City, Leitrim, Mayo 2, Roscommon 2, Sligo 2

Cordinator: William Hegarty

Pitch 2
10:00am......Mayo 2 v Roscommon 2
10.45am......Galway City v Mayo 2
11.30am......Galway City v Leitrim
12.45pm......Sligo 2 v Galway City
1.30pm......Roscommon 2 v Galway City

Pitch 3 
10:00am......Sligo 2 v Leitrim
10.45am......Sligo 2 v Roscommon 2
11.30am......Sligo 2 v Mayo 2
12.45pm......Roscommon 2 v Leitrim
1.30pm.......Mayo 2 v Leitrim 


 2 groups -  9 academy teams.
 Each Group is allocated a Pitch for duration of Group stage.
 Each Pitch is allocated a Referee for duration of Group stage.
 There will be a liaison person with each group to ensure the smooth running of the group stages.
 We ask all teams to provide us with two officials to help with officiating at matches
 All players are asked to be togged out for the opening ceremony.
 Don't forget to bring a large County flag for the opening ceremony.
 On arrival teams will be allocated a tog out area.
 We request that when you have togged out you bring your gear to the team bus immediately. Do not leave gear in the Dressing room area.
 Teams should bring a packed lunch.
 All managers/coaches are encouraged to ensure that everyone participates.

Playing Rules on the day.

  • Teams will be 15-a-side, with 5 interchange players.
    • Games will be 15mins a side, with immediate changeover at half-time.
  • Game's: Normal / Full Rules.
  • Deliberate kicking of the sliotar will be penalized, as we want to encourage striking.
  • Ball may be caught in flight.
  • Goalkeeper plays normal rules in all games
  • Interchange unlimited and at any time,
    • But all interchange must go through the GPO official at the centre, sideline area of the pitch.

Best of luck to all teams involved!


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