Fear se cinn deag na Gaillimhe....the 16th Man!   17/09/2012

Be Galway's 16th Man/Fear sé cinn déag na Gaillimhe

Galway are back in the All Ireland Final on Sunday 30th September, after a hard fought battle against Kilkenny on September 9th. The Galway Hurling Supporters Club (GHSC) are calling on every person in Galway to get behind Galway Hurling and to become Galway's 16th Man.

Every supporter will play a part in getting Galway over the line on All Ireland Final Day. In the build up to the match the GHSC is asking everyone to show their true colours, to get their Maroon and White out. So whether it's your home, your car, your club or your business, show your Maroon and White.

The best club, home, car and person will be pictured in all local press and will feature on the GHSC Facebook page.

On All Ireland Sunday, Galway's 16th Man will kick into play at the 16th Minute of the first and second half. On the 16th minute every Galway Supporter is asked to sing the ‘Fields of Athenry'. This will lift Croke Park and will give the Galway Team the extra support they deserve on the day. There will be Maroon and White Signage in Hill 16, when the 16 rises on the Hill, so will the Galway voices singing the ‘Fields of Athenry'!

The GHSC is asking you to share and tweet Galway's 16th Man and to tell everyone you know to get their colours out and about Galway's 16th Man.

In the next two weeks, the GHSC wants Galway to turn into a sea of Maroon and White, with that sea moving East to Croke Park to bring back Liam McCarthy after a 24 year wait.

For more information check out Facebook/GalwayHurlingsupportsclub or log onto Please send all pictures to be uploaded to



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